Stop getting

(By your utility bill.)

Our energy shopping service compares rates in your area to save you money every month. Overpaying is over.

Vitas Energy Services

Vitas Energy Savings

We do not sell energy. We simply find the best rate and save you money month after month, from now on.

You are not stuck with the utility company you have. Vitas searches through thousands of complicated choices to always find you the best price on your electric and gas bill.

Vitas Carbon Offsets

How can you minimize your carbon footprint when most utilities don’t offer green energy options?

You can purchase Vitas Carbon Offsets to reduce the carbon footprint that comes from just living your daily life in the office, on your commute, and at home. You’re also helping the earth in the process, how cool is that?

Free Savings Analysis

See how much you can save on your utility bill.

Dig up one of your energy bills (gas or electric) and we can show you exactly how much you are overpaying and the better options available to you. 

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Spend time on what matters most.

Your time and money are precious.  Vitas knows that shopping for energy and finding ways to “go green” can be confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating. Our services are easy and hassle-free to make life easier to manage and let you focus on enjoying life.

"Vitas saved us over $600 per year."

I never have to worry about it again. I just sent them my bills. They told me how much I could expect to save and took care of everything for me.


Baltimore, MD

“Vitas guarantees their savings up front”

I figured I couldn’t lose. Boy, did I Win! I’m saving over $500 per year and I don’t have to worry about getting trapped into a higher rate at the end of my contract.


Cleveland, OH

"My friend told me about Vitas"

I didn’t believe them at first. But they were 100% right and now I just set it and forget it. They take care of everything and I can relax. This is a great service and now I’ll recommend it to my friends.


Evanston, IL

"Vitas gives their service for free to low-income people"

Low-income including the elderly need the most help. I’ll support any company with those values plus it saves me lots of money. I love these guys.


Newton, MA

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