Vitas Household Launches Automated Energy Shopping Website for Reducing Utility Bills

Overpaying for utilities is over.

Today marks the official launch of Vitas Household, an online concierge service that ensures that customers always have the best pricing available for their electricity and natural gas. Shopping for the best rates is no fun—not to mention time consuming. That’s where Vitas Household comes in: we do all of the shopping for customers and keep shopping so they always get the best rate. Our goal is to disrupt and transform the retail energy industry by making the shopping process simple, transparent, and fair for the consumer. In addition, Vitas provides its subscribers access to green (renewable) energy at low, transparent pricing nationwide.

Comparison shopping for energy providers is frustrating–for good reason. Many energy companies make it confusing and complicated on purpose.  They hope to sell a low, introductory rate and then slowly increase their rates over time, hoping to catch their customers unaware. Where is the “utility” in that?

Luckily, customers are not stuck with one energy company. There are actually more than 100 energy suppliers and over 200 plans to choose from, with different rates, terms and benefits. Enter Vitas Household.  We level the playing field with our technology platform, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and energy expertise, to automate the shopping process and save customers hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per year.  Our customers save both time and money and relax knowing that Vitas is constantly monitoring and shopping to make sure they have the best rates available.  And Vitas Household is unbiased, unlike many of the energy rate shopping websites that are floating around the internet today.

“Vitas Household is excited to provide a service that finally makes energy choice a fair fight. For far too long, the retail energy providers and utilities have preyed on the consumer’s lack of knowledge and made billions of dollars by charging a premium for a commodity service. For customers all across the US that live in competitive markets, we are happy to say that overpaying is over” says Patrick Hooper, co-founder and CEO of Vitas Household. “Our customers have the ability to save up to 70% on their energy bills by taking just a few minutes to sign up on our website.  It’s really that easy!”

Hooper and co-founder Robert Holdsworth, both seasoned entrepreneurs, came up with Vitas while sitting in board rooms and conference calls with retail energy companies and listening to all the schemes to make money on the backs of common people. “We just knew that it was time for consumers, particularly the disadvantaged, to have someone on their side. We actually believe that the competitive energy industry needs our solution to regain credibility and get back to the original promise of energy choice” says Holdsworth, Chief Sales Officer for Vitas.

Vitas Household will initially focus on consumers in the PJM market territory but has plans to offer energy shopping, green energy, and home products and services to households throughout the US.

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About Vitas Household
Vitas Household was founded to help millions of Americans by revolutionizing how people choose energy suppliers for their home.  We use our 20+ years of experience working for utilities and energy companies to help customers win the game of energy choice. We are turning the tables and using our knowledge to give customers the power to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year.  We offer free subscriptions to certified low-income households.

We also allow consumers to convert their homes and vehicles to renewable energy to lower their carbon footprint and help shape the future of energy development.  All with an easy, transparent monthly subscription.

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