Don't let power companies have power over you.

Save money every month on your utility bill.

People often pay up to 60% more
for home energy than they need to.

People think that their local utility company has the best rate for electric or gas, but that’s not always true. Energy companies have been raising rates on unassuming homeowners for years. We’ve seen firsthand how they lure in customers with short-term specials only to jack up the prices later.


Overpaying is over.
Start saving now.

Find a copy of a recent utility bill and we can show you exactly how much money you can save right now.
It only takes a few minutes and you can save money instantly.

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We find the plan, you save money.

There can be more than 100 energy suppliers and over 200 plans to choose from in your area, with different rates, terms, and benefits. Oh, and did we mention the rates change every month? Who can keep up?

We can. We are an automated energy shopping service that finds the best electric and gas rates available. Our proprietary platform manages all aspects of the contract process and monitors the market to ensure our customers always have the best plan for their home from now on.

No tricks or gimmicks, we've seen it all.

Have you looked at your utility bill lately? It’s impossible to see where your money is going. 

We use our knowledge and experience to cut through the fog of confusing tricks and gimmicks used by energy suppliers. They made it complicated – we make it simple. 

We do not sell energy: we simply find the best rate and save you money month after month after month after month…you get it.

We work for you, not the energy companies.

We are 100% unbiased, independent and work for you, not the utility companies and energy suppliers.

We are independent advocates working directly for our customers to find the best rate among all their choices. Relax knowing that you’ve got the best deal out there, with no hidden costs. We think about energy all the time, so you don’t have to.


Spend time on what matters most.

Your time and money are precious.  Vitas knows that shopping for energy can be confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating. Let us take care of finding you the best rates from now on so you can spend time on what matters most – enjoying life.

"Vitas saved us over $600 per year."

I never have to worry about it again. I just sent them my bills. They told me how much I could expect to save and took care of everything for me.


Baltimore, MD

“Vitas guarantees their savings up front”

I figured I couldn’t lose. Boy, did I Win! I’m saving over $500 per year and I don’t have to worry about getting trapped into a higher rate at the end of my contract.


Cleveland, OH

"My friend told me about Vitas"

I didn’t believe them at first. But they were 100% right and now I just set it and forget it. They take care of everything and I can relax. This is a great service and now I’ll recommend it to my friends.


Evanston, IL

"Vitas gives their service for free to low-income people"

Low-income including the elderly need the most help. I’ll support any company with those values plus it saves me lots of money. I love these guys.


Newton, MA

Everything you need to know

Membership: Benefits & Services

Vitas is your unbiased advocate and finds you the best deal for your electric and/or gas rates in the market; we shop rates from utilities and competitive providers in your area, manage your enrollment on to a new provider (if needed) and monitor your account so that you are always on the best rate every time you need it. As a result, you save both time and money.

  • We actively monitor the markets to ensure you find the best plan available and determine if this rate saves you money.
  • We manage your enrollment on to the new lower priced provider.
  • We handle your electric and/or gas provider account-related procedures and issues to the best of our abilities.
  • We notify your local utility and request they send us any notices. We want to ensure your service is not switched without your authorization.
  • We also provide great customer service, regardless of who your current provider is, so you can always contact us for anything you need.

Vitas Energy Saving is always working for you since we know that keeping track of the end of your contract is as important as choosing the right plan in the first place. Before your current term ends, we will already be looking for the next best plan so you can enjoy savings and not have to worry about it.

Vitas works directly on behalf of our members and searches all offers in their market to find the best rates from both retail electric providers and utility companies. We are customer advocates working for our members and are not compensated by energy companies.

Most energy shopping sites only choose from certain plans from specific energy companies.  Some sites contract with certain providers and are paid a commission to acquire customers while others are actually owned by energy companies and push their own brands (how is that good?). Customers are led to believe the site is shopping for them while, in reality, they are being directed to specific brands and offers that usually pay the best commissions. Making a choice can be confusing, frustrating, and tedious. Vitas worries about all of the details so that you don’t have to. You can relax with Vitas.

Our algorithms give you an estimation of the potential savings based on your current rate and usage.   You receive your personal analysis once we’ve reviewed the information on the bill you send us.  There’s no obligation to buy just for sending us your bill.  It’s Risk-Free.  We use your zip code to show you the initial savings chart including the high rates (paid by too many people), the local utility price and the cost you can expect with the provider chosen for you by Vitas Energy Shopping.  The estimations are based on averages in your local area.

Once we collect your information and your rate (if known), we send you an email with your specific information about the best plan in your area and the estimated savings you can enjoy.

If you like what you see, simply ‘Confirm’.   You don’t have to do anything and we’ll take care of everything for you.  We think about energy all the time so you won’t have to.   You can relax and enjoy your life – Vitas.

Saving with Vitas is quick, easy and safe. The enrollment only takes a few minutes and everything is completely transparent.  We show the ranges of savings in your area once you enter your zip code. You give us a picture or image of your bill, complete the profile information and we let you know who we have selected as your new provider and approximately how much you’ll be saving annually. Let us know if you have questions and we’ll get started.   We reach out to your regularly to make sure you’re still enjoying your savings and even ask you to Refer A Friend.

That is what we do best!   Many times you’re getting a low rate for a short period of time.  Normal suppliers wait for that term to pass and then roll you onto a variable rate this is usually much higher.  At the end of the term for any plan, we find the next Best Available plan for you and move you to the new provider and plan for you.   You will receive a notice from us and you can call or chat anytime if you ever have a question or concern.

Vitas offers monthly and annual subscriptions for Vitas Energy Saving depending on what suits you best. The subscription fees are drafted automatically from the card you placed on file.  You can go to your personal customer portal at anytime if you need to update your profile and card information.  Your personal account history and billing statements are available on your Account Portal at

See how much you can save.

Find a copy of a recent utility bill and we can show you exactly how much money you can save right now.
It only takes a few minutes and you can save instantly.

*Please enter 5 digit zip code

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