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Service Overview and Description

Vitas Household Services is an independent concierge services company providing services to save customers time and money and make their lives easier so they can spend time on what matters most – their lives – Vitas. Services include:  

Vitas Energy Shopping is an automated energy shopping service that finds the best electric and gas rates available for customers every time them need it.  We are 100% independent advocates working directly for our customers to find the best rate among all their choices.  Vitas’ proprietary platform manages all aspects of the contract process and monitors the market to ensure our customers always have the best plan for their home. 

Vitas Carbon Offsets allows customers to purchase Personal Carbon Offsets which directs money to renewable energy projects.  Renewable energy is the inevitable solution to the future energy needs of our children’s future.   Supporting the growth and expansion of sustainable, non-depleting energy is something we should all do today. 

Vitas is your unbiased advocate and finds you the best deal for your electric and/or gas rates in the market; we shop rates from utilities and competitive providers in your area, manage your enrollment on to a new provider (if needed) and monitor your account so that you are always on the best rate every time you need it. As a result, you save both time and money.

  • We actively monitor the markets to ensure you find the best plan available and determine if this rate saves you money.
  • We manage your enrollment on to the new lower priced provider.
  • We handle your electric and/or gas provider account-related procedures and issues to the best of our abilities.
  • We notify your local utility and request they send us any notices. We want to ensure your service is not switched without your authorization.
  • We also provide great customer service, regardless of who your current provider is, so you can always contact us for anything you need.

Vitas Energy Shopping is always working for you since we know that keeping track of the end of your contract is as important as choosing the right plan in the first place. Before your current term ends, we will already be looking for the next best plan so you can enjoy savings and not have to worry about it.

Renewable energy is the inevitable solution to our future energy needs.   Unlike fossil fuel, it is non-depleting and doesn’t pollute the environment.  Vitas offers products that offset your energy usage to lower your carbon footprint by directing money to renewable energy projects.   The Carbon Credits are used by the industry to link the projects to individuals and corporations that want to support their creation, development and expansion and want to do our part to project our future.

  • Renewable energy has many benefits (here are just a few):   Reduce pollution, does not release greenhouse gases (GHG), fosters a cleaner environment, relies on non-depleting sources (wind, air, sun and water), national independence from foreign energy sources, boost the economy and create jobs.
  • Vitas customers buying Carbon Credits can relax and know they are paying competitive, transparent rates to support renewable energy.    Many other suppliers and providers add excessive up-charges for credits.
  • Vitas sells Carbon Offset credits everywhere so anyone, anywhere can support the cause and Go Green!

Vitas offers monthly and annual subscriptions for Vitas Energy Shopping and Vitas Carbon Offset depending on what suits you best. The subscription fees are drafted automatically from the card you placed on file.  You can go to your personal customer portal at anytime if you need to update your profile and card information.  Your personal account history and billing statements are available on your Account Portal at www.vitasnow.com.

The overwhelming majority of our members see significant savings with their initial switch. Your exact savings depends on the terms of your current plan and current market conditions in your area.   We make sure that you are always on the best rate available in your area and manage the switch to a new supplier, if needed, at the end of each contract term. You never have to worry about overpaying for your electricity or gas with Vitas.

Yes, our mission is to simplify your life and save you time and money.   We send each customer a personal savings savings analysis so you clearly and cleanly see your potential savings and then you decide if you want to proceed (we are sure that you will).  Once you complete the enrollment process and send us your bills, we go to work for you.  In 2-5 business days, we send you an email with your personal savings analysis and let you know that we’re ready to start saving you time and money so you can enjoy the things that matter most to you – your family and life.     

You can cancel your service with Vitas at anytime without a penalty fee.  The plan with your new retail electricity and/or gas provider includes a fixed rate for a specific term and some plans include a termination fee.   Typically, we do not choose a rate with an early termination fee unless it is an exceptional value for you and then why would you want to change it.

You may cancel your service with Vitas at any time by going to your customer portal and selecting ‘Cancel My Account’ or you can email us at service@vitashousehold.com. You will be charged for the balance of your 12-month term with Vitas.  Our mission is your satisfaction so let us know how we can help you rather than cancel your money saving subscription.

No, Vitas is a privately-owned, independent non-biased customer advocate and we are not affiliated with any retail energy providers or utility companies. We work directly for you and we enroll you on whichever provider offers the best plan for you. We are your personal concierge service, customer advocate and work solely for you.

Vitas works directly on behalf of only you and searches all offers in your market to find you the best rate every time you need it. We are customer advocates working for you and are not compensated by energy companies for choosing their plan for you.

Most energy shopping sites only choose from certain plans from specific energy companies.  Some sites contract with certain providers and are paid a commission to acquire customers while others are actually owned by energy companies and push their own brands (how is that good?).  Customers are led to believe the site is shopping for them while, in reality, they are being directed to specific brands and offers that usually pay the best commissions.  

Retail provides and, even, the utilities make choosing a provider and plan confusing, frustrating, and mind-numbing.  Vitas worries about all of the details so that you don’t have to.  You simplify your life, save time and money and can relax so you can spend time on what matters most – Vitas.

Yes, people living in competitive deregulated markets can shop through hundreds of sites and offers to choose their own electricity or gas plans.  Shopping for energy service is purposely confusing, frustrating and tedious and most of the competitive suppliers and utility companies want to keep it that way. They sneak in teaser rates and hidden charges that hit you at the end of a contract term after you stop paying attention. 

 Many plans switch you to variable rates after the initial term and you have no control over what you are being charged month-to-month. Vitas is always paying attention to your account and does not let you fall into that trap.  Vitas knows the games energy companies play and we help you beat them at their own game. We ensure you are always on the best plan in the market which saves you time and money.  

Vitas also offers other great products including Carbon Offset credits at rates below the inflated rates charged by these same energy companies.  In fact, you can use the savings we find for you to buy renewable energy credits and pay less than you were before Vitas came to your rescue.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer Vitas Energy Shopping in areas served by utilities that have not implemented Choice or may be a Co-Op or Municipal Utility not open for retail choice for electric and/or gas services. Many regulated states and markets across the country are considering Energy Choice and we believe Vitas Energy Shopping from will help customers in those areas gain the opportunity to have Choice. 

Customers nationwide can Go Green with Vitas by purchasing Carbon Offset Credits and look for other great energy-efficiency, time and cost savings products and services.   Purchasing Carbon Offset credits directs money to sustainable, non-depleting renewable energy projects.   Renewable energy is the inevitable solution to our future energy needs and now we can all do our part of build and expand the renewable energy industry.

Vitas guarantees complete security of all the information provided to us. Every bit of information that you enter on our site is encrypted for your protection and our vendors are PCI-complaint to add another level of security.   We use these same security measures when enrolling you with the provider recommended by Vitas which is the only time we share your information.   We will never share, rent, or sell your personal information.  Your privacy is of utmost importance to us—we treat it as if it were our own. You can view our Privacy Policy for more details. 

Yes, Vitas can save you at as many locations as you need. A subscription fee applies for each location and the energy savings estimations apply to each location individually.  You can combine electricity and gas for a single location for only $140 annually or $14 per month (two free months with an annual subscription.

Yes! Vitas’ Referral Program lets you share the good news of real energy savings with their family and friends. You even earn credits toward free service and other rewards when you recommend someone new to the service.  We think about energy all of the time so you and your friends don’t have to.

You can click on the “Referral Program” tab in your personal customer portal to find out how to share your individual referral code.   You are given a great opportunity to share the news and get more savings when you sign up for Vitas Energy Shopping or Vitas Carbon Offset.  Its’ simply and a great way to save even more with Vitas.

To view your referral code or to forward your referral link, follow the instructions below:

  • Log into your Vitas Personal Customer Portal
  • Click on the “Share with a Friend” icon tab located on the right-hand side
  • Your referral code and links are located in the pink box on the right
  • Your friends can also enter your Referral Code into the blank provided when they sign up for one of our great Vitas energy saving or renewable energy products.
  • (future) You can view your rewards points in the green box on the left-hand side

Things To Know Up-Front

Our algorithms give you an estimation of the potential savings based on your current rate and usage.   You receive your personal analysis once we’ve reviewed the information on the bill you send us.  There’s no obligation to buy just for sending us your bill.  It’s Risk-Free.  We use your zip code to show you the initial savings chart including the high rates (paid by too many people), the local utility price and the cost you can expect with the provider chosen for you by Vitas Energy Shopping.  The estimations are based on averages in your local area.

Once we collect your information and your rate (if known), we send you an email with your specific information about the best plan in your area and the estimated savings you can enjoy.

If you like what you see, simply ‘Confirm’.   You don’t have to do anything and we’ll take care of everything for you.  We think about energy all the time so you won’t have to.   You can relax and enjoy your life – Vitas.

Vitas constantly monitors markets in competitive deregulated states and analyzes all the available plans in your area. We are looking for the best rate and never choose a variable rate from an energy company (we know their games). We select the rate and term that works best for you. Then we keep track of when your term is coming to an end so we can keep making sure you on the best rate available.

We think about energy all the time so you don’t have to.

Yes, once we get your bill, we search offers from the local utility and retail providers in your area.   Our proprietary software platform finds the best rate for you based on your location, usage and preferences.  

Then, we send you an email to show you the plan and rate that we’ve identified as the best offer for your electric and/or gas services.  You simply ‘Confirm’ that you’re ready to start saving and we do everything for you from now on including find the next best plan at the end of your current term.

Vitas Energy Shopping makes sure you’re always on the best plan, for you. We do not charge for switching you to the best plan so you can enjoy the best rate and term in your market all of the time. We won’t, however, switch you to a new plan without confirming the selection for you in advance.   Provider contracts vary in length so we don’t know which plan to recommend until we start searching for you.   We keep track of the term and begin looking for your new plan before the contacts ends so you keep paying the best rate available.

Vitas Energy Shopping is always working for you since we know that keeping track of the end of your contract is as important as choosing the right plan in the first place. Before your current term ends, we start looking for the next best plan so you can enjoy savings and not have to worry about it.  It’s part of giving you the Vitas Life – better living, better life.

Vitas manages the whole energy shopping and enrollment processes for you from now on.  We analyze all the offers in your market and select the best plan every time you need it. We send you an email with the latest, best offer and take care of the whole process for you.  We know everyone gets a lot (way too many) emails so we’ll text you, too.

We think about energy all of the time, so you don’t have to.

Vitas manages the whole process for you.  You simply complete the online app and send us your electric and/or gas bills.

  • Full Legal Name
  • Full Service and Billing addresses
  • Copy of your most recent electric and/or gas bills
  • Credit Card Information
  • Social Security Number (if required by chosen electric and/or gas provider, usually in GA and TX only)
That’s all we need to go work for you and start savings you time and money so you can relax and spend time on what matters the most – your family and life – Vitas.

Definitely! You can always enroll with Vitas and, if appropriate, we can wait to start your service at the end of your current contract.   In many cases, energy companies cannot charge an Early Termination Fee (ETF) or your savings may be significant enough that you save more by switching now rather than wait.   Your analysis includes this type of information for you so you can relax and start saving time and money as soon as possible. 

Once you sign up and send us a bill, we go to work for you.  Be sure to keep an eye on your email since we’ll be sending you your acknowledgement email and updates every step along the way.  You should see our personalized analysis email with our recommendation for you in 2-5 business days.   We’ll also let you know if we have any questions or need any assistance from you.  The quicker you respond the faster we can go to work for you.

No, you do not need to inform your current provider(s). Once you join Vitas, we take care of everything for you including switching you to the new, better plan we found for you.  We guarantee your satisfaction and actively manage your account from now on.  You may have an early termination fee (ETF) associated with the contract of your current provider.  We are not responsible for the ETF, but will work with you to see if we can get it waived for you.   In most cases, your savings more than cover the fee.

The easiest way to get your bill to us is as a PDF or take a pic of your bill (with your phone).  Then you can send it to us by emailing it to service@vitashousehold.com. You may also be able to get an electronic copy of your bill as a PDF from your current provider (on a customer portal or requested from Customer Service). If you receive a paper bill, you can scan it or take a photograph and upload or email a PDF or JPG.  Be sure to include all the pages.  Bills can be uploaded during the sign up process when you click “Start Now”.

Please email your bill to service@vitashousehold.com.   Thanks!

Accounting Stuff

Vitas is a membership service with a annual or monthly subscription fee. We offer the option of paying annually (gets you two free months) or monthly.  The fee from Vitas is separate from your electric and/or gas bills and is drafted automatically from the card you placed on file.

The cost of the service is usually far less than the savings we provide and the peace of mind of never having to worry about your energy rate again is priceless.    We want to save you time and money to simplify your life so you can spend time enjoying what matters most to you and your family – Vitas.

Your initial membership payment is not charged until you confirm that you’re ready to start saving with Vitas. This is clearly explained in our Terms and Conditions.  You are then charged automatically on either a monthly or yearly basis based on your subscription type going forward.   We are constantly monitoring your account so you never have to worry about it again.

Your electric and natural gas provider charges will appear on your local utility bill (except in Texas and Georgia). You will still get a bill from the your local utility company and the charges for the provider that we enroll you with are included on that bill. Vitas charges are billed separately to your credit card on file (monthly or annually).

No.   You still receive your utility bill as you always have on the same date on which you’ve always received it.  The only changes are the lower rate recommended by Vitas and the name of the new service provider and their toll-free customer service number.

Our service does not affect your relationship with your local utility company.   The autopay or budget billing features of your local utility company (if provided) are not affected by your choice of provider. The provider charges are simply line item charges on your utility bill.

To update your payment information:

  • Log in to Vitas Connect
  • Click “Manage Payments”
  • Select “Add a Payment Method”
  • Click “I Understand” to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Enter the new card and billing information.
  • Select if the new card should be used to pay your Vitas membership fee, your electricity bill with your provider, or both.
  • Click “Add Payment Method” (Do not edit an existing card, even if you are only having to update an expiration date or CVV. Our system will not allow card edits.)

That’s all you need to do. We’ll add the new card to your account and update your electricity provider, if applicable.

No, Vitas knows the trick and gimmicks used by some providers and we make sure you don’t fall into any of their traps.  Vitas looks at all of the charges and fees of each offer to calculate its effective rate so you know what your getting up front.  We analyze the actual cost of each plan before we recommend the best on for you.

No. Billing for your energy services is through your utility company (except in Texas and Georgia) and your deposit and payments are made to your utility company. Your utility company may require a deposit for new service (with the utility), but changing providers does not effect your need for a deposit.

Providers in TX and GA bill directly for energy services (electric and natural gas, respectively) and may require a deposit and credit check to begin new service.

Plans Just For You

Yes, your plan is a contract with terms ranging from 3 to 24 months.  The plan we recommend offers the best rates and savings for you based on personal savings analysis.   We find you the next best plan at the end of your term with current provider.  We take care of everything including switching you to a new provider at the end of your current term.

The switching process typically takes 2-3 business days once we have submitted your order. Your actual switch date may be held until your billing. This varies slightly per provider (electric and natural gas).

Renewal or subsequent contracts for existing members will begin immediately upon completion of your prior contract. You will receive email notifications from Vitas and your new provider, but you should experience no change in the electricity service at your location.

Yes, you can cancel your contract with a retail electricity provider at any time for any reason. Your agreement with Vitas never supersedes your acting on your own. You are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract, which may include an early termination fee. As long as you pay the fee or provide the documentation required to satisfy the terms, there is no penalty for cancelling a contract.

Some common circumstances for contract cancellation are:
  • If you have just enrolled in a contract with a new provider, there is a 3-day recission period in which you can cancel without penalty.
  • If you are moving to a new location, you can cancel the electricity contract for your current location at any time without penalty so long as you provide the proper documentation. You do not have to transfer that service to your new location.
Vitas does not pay cancellation fees. If you are in a contract, we will send you an analysis comparing the plan that you are currently in with the lowest plan available for you. The analysis will let you know if it makes financial sense for you to pay the early termination fee to your current provider to switch to the new plan. The decision of whether or not to switch, as well as paying the fee, will be up to you.
Not to worry! Vitas takes care of the entire renewal process so that you will never fall out of contract. We start searching for your next plan 30-45 days before your contract ends, so that we can select the right one and have you enrolled by the time it does. If we need your help with something, like lifting a credit freeze or answering any questions regarding your account, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, we’ll have you automatically enrolled in a new contract without your having to lift a finger! You will also get email correspondence along the way to let you know where we are at in the process.

Find out more on our blog.
We will recommend you switch plans mid-contract if and when it ever makes financial sense for you to pay the early termination fee (if applicable) and break the contract. Members would be sent an analysis for review and then decide to either reject or approve the switch.

General Questions

You can find out if Vitas Energy Shopping is available in your area by entering the zip code into our website.   The local electric and gas utilities are displayed if Vitas Energy Shopping is available.    If it’s not, you can still do your part to support renewable energy development and expansion by purchasing Vitas Carbon Offset from Vitas.

No, your electricity and gas service which is delivered by your local utility is not interrupted when you switch suppliers. The switch between suppliers does not effect the flow of energy into your house.   If you experience any interruptions to your electric or gas service at any time, contact your local utility company.

The Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) is responsible for maintenance and service of the wires and poles that transmit electricity. If you experience an outage, you need to contact the TDSP responsible for your area to report and/or check the status of the outage.

You can tell who your TDSP is by looking at your electric bill. The contact information for the providers serving the deregulated areas in Texas is available on our blog.

A Few Other Things

No! That’s why we’re here. Vitas uses its technology to search 100s of plans currently offered in the marketplace in a matter of seconds. Vitas finds a electric and/or natural gas plan that best suits you and then enrolls you.

The Vitas Savings Calculator is a proprietary forecasting tool, free to use, that creates a 12-month electric or natural gas model to forecast your energy usage. Based on your estimated usage we match your projected usage to the best market rates available on that day. Vitas compares that annual cost to what you are currently paying for electricity or natural gas and then calculates your estimated annual savings.   The Savings Calculator tool provides a directional estimate of your potential savings.  

Vitas Membership is quick, easy and safe. The enrollment only takes a few minutes and everything is completely transparent.  We show the ranges of savings in your area once you enter your zip code. You give us a picture or image of your bill, complete the profile information and we let you know who we have selected as your new provider and approximately how much you’ll be saving annually. Let us know if you have questions and we’ll get started.   We reach out to your regularly to make sure you’re still enjoying your savings and even ask you to Refer A Friend.

That is what we do best!   Many times you’re getting a low rate for a short period of time.  Normal suppliers wait for that term to pass and then roll you onto a variable rate this is usually much higher.  At the end of the term for any plan, we find the next Best Available plan for you and move you to the new provider and plan for you.   You will receive a notice from us and you can call or chat anytime if you ever have a question or concern.

Vitas’s service makes sure you’re always on the best plan, for you. Therefore, the market determines how often your energy plan may change, and Vitas could recommend you switch plans more than once a year.   But that service does not cost you anymore than your standard monthly fee. 

Vitas looks for the best plan to match your home’s energy usage, and acts quickly to lock you in before it changes.  You can let us know if there are any providers or companies that you do not want to be your service provider and we will ensure they are not given the opportunity to serve you.

If the plan Vitas selected doesn’t suit you, let our Customer Care team know as soon as possible, and we will set you up with a new provider.

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