Take a big step toward
a smaller footprint.

Because we all like the Earth, right?

Life is all about balance, energy is no different.

With limited fossil fuels dwindling, shifting to stable, renewable energy sources is more important than ever. Unfortunately, many utilities don’t offer green energy options yet. Vitas’ Carbon Offset packages allow individuals and businesses to easily invest in renewable energy and carbon reduction projects in order to balance out their own “brown” usage at home and work.

You need help to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Through Vitas, you purchase carbon offsets to counter-balance your carbon-based usage.

Your funds are directed to certified projects that produce renewable energy.

You receive documentation of offsets purchased, which are retired on your behalf by Vitas. 

Vitas Carbon Offsets are available in all 50 states.

Offset the carbon-based energy you use daily in the office, on their commute, and at home.

Why should we all support renewable energy projects?

  • Reduce the amount of greenhouse gases 
  • Improve access to clean energy and creates jobs
  • Reduce dependence on foreign energy
  • Renewable energy sources (sun and wind) aren’t in low supply, like fossil fuels
  • Sustainable energy prices are stable and consistent
  • Creates health and prosperity in communities across the world
  • Make the positive social and environmental impacts we hope to achieve
  • Finance projects that would not otherwise happen
  • How great is that?


Greater Lebanon Landfill Gas Capture (PA)

Arcata Community Forest (CA)

Scenic View Dairy Anaerobic Digestion (MI)

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm (TX)

Cottonwood Dairy Organic Waste Digestion (CA)

Erie County Landfill Gas Capture (OH)

"Vitas saved us over $600 per year."

I never have to worry about it again. I just sent them my bills. They told me how much I could expect to save and took care of everything for me.


Baltimore, MD

“Vitas guarantees their savings up front”

I figured I couldn’t lose. Boy, did I Win! I’m saving over $500 per year and I don’t have to worry about getting trapped into a higher rate at the end of my contract.


Cleveland, OH

"My friend told me about Vitas"

I didn’t believe them at first. But they were 100% right and now I just set it and forget it. They take care of everything and I can relax. This is a great service and now I’ll recommend it to my friends.


Evanston, IL

"Vitas gives their service for free to low-income people"

Low-income including the elderly need the most help. I’ll support any company with those values plus it saves me lots of money. I love these guys.


Newton, MA


Renewable energy is the inevitable solution to our future energy needs.   Unlike fossil fuel, it is non-depleting and doesn’t pollute the environment.  Vitas offers products that offset your energy usage to lower your carbon footprint by directing money to renewable energy projects.   The Carbon Credits are used by the industry to link the projects to individuals and corporations that want to support their creation, development and expansion and want to do our part to project our future.

  • Renewable energy has many benefits (here are just a few):   Reduce pollution, does not release greenhouse gases (GHG), fosters a cleaner environment, relies on non-depleting sources (wind, air, sun and water), national independence from foreign energy sources, boost the economy and create jobs.
  • Vitas customers buying Carbon Credits can relax and know they are paying competitive, transparent rates to support renewable energy.    Many other suppliers and providers add excessive up-charges for credits.
  • Vitas sells Carbon Offset credits everywhere so anyone, anywhere can support the cause and Go Green!

Vitas offers monthly and annual subscriptions for Vitas Carbon Offset depending on what suits you best. The subscription fees are drafted automatically from the card you placed on file.  You can go to your personal customer portal at anytime if you need to update your profile and card information.  Your personal account history and billing statements are available on your Account Portal at www.vitashousehold.com.

Vitas Carbon Offsets are available in all 50 states.

Offset the carbon footprint we all have from just living your daily life in the office, on your commute, and at home.

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